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Meet Pigasus!

Pigasus is our pink flying pig. Pigasus symbolizes both where we came from and where we are going, and tells our story in 3 parts:

  1. Pigasus is a visual representation of how Camp Promise initially came to be. The 2009 outbreak of H1N1 flu, also known as “swine flu”, forced the cancellation of many camps nationwide. As this was the initial impetus for starting Camp Promise, our logo represents our inaugural summer of camp when pigs flu (flew). Admittedly, this may be where our love for puns originated.
  2. Between the conception of Camp Promise and the first week of camp in 2009, we had only six short weeks to build a leadership team, find a wheelchair accessible facility, fundraise $16,000, recruit volunteers and campers, and plan a week’s worth of camp activities. It took a lot of magic to deliver that first session of camp and having Pigasus as our logo symbolizes those efforts, when the odds of pulling off camp seemed as likely as pigs flying.
  3. Pigasus also illustrates Camp Promise’s continued commitment to making the impossible possible. We take it upon ourselves to adapt the world to our campers' needs and abilities; no task is too small, no request too hard. At Camp Promise, we embrace challenge and our goal is to achieve the things most others might doubt, the things to which others might say “when pigs fly.”

Pigasus is VERY important to us and we treat Pigasus like our pet: Pigasus goes where we go (like on all our forms and t-shirts, and even to camp), Pigasus is legally part of our family (yes, it's trademarked!), and as much as we love costumes, we don't ever dress up Pigasus. Pigasus always faces left and is always this exact shade of pink. If you want to use our logo, please contact us for our branding guidelines.