Camp Promise

Eric Villanyi

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Eric Villanyi
Unit leader, camp promise-Rockies

When was your first year at Camp Promise?
I’ve been doing camp since 2013, but in 2016 I got to go to both CPR and CPW!

Why do you keep coming back to camp?
Because our campers need us and we quickly find that we need them. Our campers receive our help in order to move and interact more freely inside activities and gatherings, and we as volunteers receive our campers help in return as they develop our character in ways we can never imagine or repay. Our campers are able to show us what LOVE truly means!

What's your favorite camp theme day and why?
Cabin Color Day because Blue Cabin RULES!
What's your favorite camp memory?
There's too many to narrow down to just one memory, but my favorite type of memories are those when I truly connect with campers on a personal, brotherly/sisterly level…having heart-to-heart talks and sharing life with each other for those brief moments of time are a powerful thing! It is through these encounters that LOVE is truly felt in the soul.

If we did a talent show right now, what would your talent be?
Leading the Blue Cabin-- YEEEAAHHHH! Oh, and singing with my guys! And, don’t forget my moves, yes I mean dancing!

What’s your day job?
I currently work as a realtor for Sellstate ACE Realty, in Westminster, Colorado, but I worked as a police officer for almost 14 year prior.

Anything else you want the world to know?
Blue Cabin rocks, YEEEAAHHHH! And, I love my guys! And the girls now, too, we just need more female campers at Camp Promise-Rockies!