Camp Promise

Rob Luciano

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Rob Luciano
Unit leader, camp promise-west

When was your first year at Camp Promise?

Why do you keep coming back to camp?
Because the relationships and friendships I've created with all the repeat counselors and campers and also new people that come in every year.

What's your favorite camp theme day and why?
Steampunk. Because a lot of people were able to mould different costumes and steampunk wasn't exactly clear so you got a ton of varieties. Plus, a lot of people looked like train conductors.
What's your favorite camp memory?
Telling bedtime stories with Eli.

If we did a talent show right now, what would your talent be?
Re-enacting a Brian Regan standup comedy performance. 

What’s your day job?
Technical project manager.

Anything else you want the world to know?
If I could, I'd like to buy the world a Coke.

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