Camp Promise
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Every year we recruit volunteers who see eye to eye with our mission, who are trustworthy and creative, and who are comfortable wearing lots of hats. We're looking for individuals strong in character, personality and integrity, those who are mature and responsible, and people who like working hard as part of a team. It takes a lot to be a great counselor, but if you have the heart and soul for it, we can teach you the technical parts. Yes, we are looking for people who are willing to learn!

We know we ask a lot of our volunteers, but they're usually such hard-working folks that they end up giving us and their campers way more than we ask. So, if you're motivated, enthusiastic, and energetic, we want to hear from you!

Camp Promise-West, 2016

Camp Promise-West, 2016


  1. Be at least 16 years of age by the first day of your camp session.

  2. Complete an application and meet all posted deadlines.

  3. Understand and accept the Camp Promise mission and Participation Agreement (found in your application).

  4. For counselors and Unit Leaders, attend the entire length of the camp session.

  5. Attend staff orientation held the day before campers arrive (mandatory for both new AND returning volunteers).